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Alena Lotti -Brilliant and Ingenious Designer and Role Model That has Incorporated Lavish and Luxuriousnes Designs That are Illuminating having a Astonishing Impact on Multitudes of People and Nations around The Globe. Alena's Elegance and Eloquence With A High Velocity of Passionate Zest For People and Life To Include Her Humanitarian and Charitable Contributions of Distinguished and Prestigious Honors Have Set an Example of Uniqueness and Excellence In Today's Expanding Social Society and Business Industry to Include Her Successful Business Endeavors That Will be a Inspiration for All around The World For Decades to Come.

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Alena Lotti, a stunning Russian model renowned for her work around the world has created a striking new collection of jewellery for her Italian boutique, FORTEDEMARMI. The collection holds a range of luxury leather and jewels; offering a choice of diamonds, sapphires or emeralds paired with the finest alligator or python skin.
The FORTEDEMARMI collection by Alena Lotti has been designed with indulgence in mind. The jewellery house offers necklaces, bracelets and rings and jewelled clutches with interchangeable features, ideal for matching accessory to outfit.

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Alena Lotti as the creative director, owner and official ambassador of the Italian house Fortedemarmi designs and presents the personalized jewelry and clutches which have graced the necks and wrists of Hollywood starlets, popular socialites and international royalty. For her most demanding clients, she creates an entire experience around designing the perfect jewelry or accessories crafted in Italy specifically for them. “If a woman wants her own personalized collection by Fortedemarmi, I can personally visit her in her residence in any part of the world. But usually we invite the client to our mansion in Florence, Italy—the beautiful historical Villa Castelletti.

Alena Lotti realize another successful project - Beyond the Blue Horizon Villa Resort. Situated on an amazing beach on the west coast of the beautiful Koh Phangan island, this eco boutique hotel offers its guests a high level of comfort and tranquillity.

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Alena Lotti runs a medical centre in Moscow, Russia.

Alena Lotti is the creator and the ambassador of the Better Life World Foundation. The goal of this Foundation is to improve consciousness amongst the people, broadcasting the principles of healthy life, raw veganism, hygienism, mind control, meditation management.

Alena Lotti is a vivid traveler and artist, she is a specialist in conscious and subconscious programming of mind.
You can ask Alena for help by email.

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